Aloha Terry The Tramp

It was with great personal sadness I read about the death of my friend, brother, and former VAGOS  M/C International President, Terry the Tramp Orendorff.

I first met Tramp while I was the Oahu President of SBU. There was a meeting in Haleiwa regarding Hawaii joining ABATE in the fight against helmet and other motorcycle laws.

At the time I spoke out soundly against the joining as SBU had already reversed the Hawaii State Full Time Helmet Law, without any help from ABATE. I spoke against tying SBU in with a basically California organization. My argument was we’d just be part of their checking account.

At the time, I did not know Tramp was in the crowd. Later when he told me he had been impressed that I was not impressed by the well-known attorney representing ABATE. Nor was I impressed by his promises of help and “Hawaii up front”. The vote was not to join.

I met Tramp’s brother “Parts” at the Kona rodeo 2-3 years later when Parts was the VAGOS National President. I like to think I was just a little responsible for the JESTERS and VAGOS eventually getting together. I spoke with Parts just days before cancer took him for his last run. I cried that day.

Tramp handed me my full patch himself while in Kona for a Labor Day run in 2001. A day I will always remember with pride, and happiness. It was the culmination of 2 years of work and effort.

In the years before and after I was patched, I spent many hours sitting with Tramp, drinking coffee and sharing stories. His stories of some of his escapades in Hollywood and Mexico with John Wayne and others make me smile even today. There was even one that involved taking his his son Terry “The Wall”, a very young Wall, to a movie set that was not what he had expected. The set was filled with pink smoke and I wish I could remember because it almost had me falling into the camp fire I was laughing so hard.

Tramp passed in his sleep on 4/24/18.  I cried  that day.


Vaya con dios Tramp me Amigo.

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