My Big Fat Opinions

Just what the title says, these are just my opinions.

Movie Review

Watched “The Shape of Water“. A simply wonderful movie. Visually stimulating, intelligently paced and with a minimum of “necessary” violence. A love story, a story of two incomplete beings coming together to create one. I seldom agree with the Academy Awards, this time I do. See it with someone you care about. Or see it with your kids and create some awesome discussions.

Also viewed “The Last Flag Flying”. An all star cast creating a thought, at least to me, provoking film. It is subtle as well as obvious.  Since it involves members of my generation it is probably more enjoyable to us  than to millennial’s or Gen-Xer’s. I liked it, but it was not a “happy” film.


After the many years I spent working with Street Bikers United, I am always suspicious of poll responses. You know, 57% want this, 97% agree with that.  In working on the lobbying efforts of SBU I found out that it was how you phrased the question, and where you asked it, that allowed to you get the % answer you desired.

If I asked 100 people, leaving a church in Kahala; ” Do you think motorcyclists should wear helmets to protect themselves when riding?” I’ll bet the percentage of “yes” would be in the 90’s.

HEADLINE : 95% of people think there should be a mandatory helmet law.

If I asked 100 people leaving a strip club, any strip club, on a Friday night, ” Do you think bikers should be forced to wear helmets for their own good?”, odds are it would be the opposite.

HEADLINE : (Oh who am I kidding, there’d never be a headline. Or any other mention.)

See “when” and “how”.

So next time someone starts quoting poll percentages,  remember they set the the “when” and “how” so they get the answer “they” want.



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