Headlines, (sort of)

You can’t make this stuff up. From this weeks “Headlines”


Gun trained teacher accidentally discharges weapon in classroom.

Trained by who, Yosemite Sam? And why did he have it out? Teacher, of what?


 Neo-Nazi arrested after trashy affair with father-in-law’s wife.

“Trashy” really should have been capitalized. He was arrested not for the affair, but for “domestic violence” when his wife went after him.


Mom who married son, will go to jail for marrying daughter.

Daughter’s name?  Misty Velvet Dawn. Well, who wouldn’t want to marry her?


FBI Seizes over 3K penis’ during raid of morticians home..

Wow, they picked a pack of pickled peckers. Did he have them sorted according to size? Age?


And that wonderfull entertainer  known as Charo turned 68 this week.

Crap, I’m older than Charo.


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