Yama’s Roofing Inc.


My suffered roof damage in Oct 2017. It was inspected by our insurance company and a check was issued. We contacted several roofing companies and accepted a proposal from Yama’s Roofing.

On Jan 4, 2018 Yama’s was given the requested deposit of 65% and that check was deposited by them.

Time went by without any contact from Yama’s. My wife had to repeatedly call the office to get any kind opf information. The answer was basically,” it’s been raining and we’re behind and we’ll call you.”. They never did. After 6 weeks I began to become a little worried.

My wife continued to contact the office, the “office manager”  Kelly continued to take messages and despite numerous requests to have someone in authority call back no one did. Instead Kelly  repeatedly passed back messages form the boss. In fact, the clerk intimated it was our fault for the delay as we had not delivered the paint required for the trim. Being the first time this had been mentioned, my wife returned home, and then drove back to Yama’s and hand delivered a gallon of paint we had gotten for that purpose.

On 3/5 I told my wife we should consider asking to have our deposit returned as there had been no work or communication for 2 months. The officer clerk advised my wife that it could be returned but it would be minus the monies spent already on materials. The conversation became non -producing so my wife gave the clerk her cell number and departed. She admits she slammed the door.

Today, 3/8/18  Brian Peterson drove to my home. He was there to leave the gallon of paint and a letter. He did not knock, use the door bell, or make any attempt to contact my wife while he was there.  He was going to  drive off without even speaking to her.

My wife saw him in the driveway and opened the garage door. Mr. Peterson was less than pleasant and far less than professional. In fact, when he returned to his vehicle he took the time to make an obscene gesture to my wife while parked in my driveway. Peterson is a large man, my wife is a physically frail cancer survivor and this was very disturbing to her.

In his letter Peterson said “Due to your unacceptable  and rude behavior” he was refunding our deposit in full.  BUT, they were willing to “reconsider” if we write a written apology to “Kelly”.


Since then I have found numerous Yelp reviews that basically tell the same story over and over. But nobody has done anything. Well, that stops now. This letter is going to the BBB, Contractors Licensing Board, the Roofers Union Rep., Action Line, The Hawaii Herald Tribune and any one else I can think of.

Hey Peterson, maybe someone will forward this to you. Come on over to the house, we’ll talk.

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