Random Thoughts and Headlines

I swear, they’re all true.

Scientists say owning a cat may cause mental illness

Duh, Crazy Cat Lady !!


When did being called a “Dive Bar” become a good thing?


China cracks down on funeral strippers

“Cracks down” indicates this has been addressed before? And Funeral  Strippers?  I remember trying to get a brothers urn a lap dance . Just like politicians, there are some things even a stripper won’t do, until the money is right.


Since when do employees (NFL players) tell the boss (NFL owners) what they will and won’t do??


Teen paralyzed after swallowing a slug. 

What happened to Tide Pods? And they want to tell us what we’re doing wrong!


Study reveals the amazing health benefits of tequila.

Obviously those conducting this study have never had a tequila hangover. Trust me, there is nothing healthy about a tequila hangover.


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