Don’t Wait

Recently I was speaking with some friends at a local shop.

A gentleman entered and purchased 6 pepper spray units, signed he, his wife, and his 17 year old son up for handgun training classes, asked for alarm recommendations, and started the paperwork to get a purchase permits for both handguns and long guns.

In these days of outrage and sorrow over the Florida shooting, why would anyone make this move?

It appears that he and his wife had recently returned home from a short evening out only to find their home had been invaded. Not just invaded, but severely damaged.

The invaders had torn up the furniture and the residents belongings. They had damaged the walls with blood and feces, had written wild incoherent messages on the walls with these substances.

THEY HAD INVADED HIS HOME. Like an invading army.

Like any invader they had brought terror and destruction upon the innocent. Yes, invaders,not burglars, thieves, or any other polite name. They were invaders. The only way to combat invaders is to fight back. He was determined not to allow it to happen again. What would have happened if his children had been there alone? His wife? What if they had all been there?

He should have made this decision long before this. He should have been prepared before the invaders descended upon his home and family. Will it be enough or soon enough? Only time will tell.

The message here is, don’t wait. Don’t be driven by what has happened. Be determined it won’t happen to you.

Don’t wait. do it now.

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