Sticks and Stones

Words have meaning. I don’t mean just Webster’s meaning either.
In many cultures a person’s name, male or female, often was considered to have great power and often names were what the individual was to strive to become.

Words also have power. And with power there are always rewards and penalties.
But how many actually consider the consequences of their words today?
With the electronic communications of today, few understand the power of their words, because they seldom see the results. They believe they can sit behind their keyboards and screens, say whatever they want, and fully believe they will never have to face the consequences of their words.
Recently there has been a big push about “cyber bulling” and young suicides. As there should be. Once, if a school yard bully pushed hard enough, someone would strike back. Win or lose, the bully was diminished by that act of standing up.
Stand up.
Spend a few moments before you respond to a message, comment on a profile, or question someone’s motive.
Remember, your words carry power, use that power for good.
(steps down from the soapbox)

Remember, wine and conversation is always in order.



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