Brain Squirrel


Voices in your head? (I don’t always listen, but man do they come up with some neat ideas.)

Let me tell you about brain squirrels.

Have you ever been just doing your thing, minding your own business, when out of nowhere you get a crazy idea or mad urge to do something and your brain just seizes up on it like a drowning man grabbing hold of a rescue line and refuses to let go? And for the rest of the day (or longer) your brain is obsessed with it, working out the how without even bothering to wonder about the why?

That’s a brain squirrel. Although mine often turn into brain hamsters because they just love to run on that squeaky wheel inside my brain, which is how I envision my mind trying to turn a weird idea into something actionable. They just run amok on the wheel until I just can’t hold back.

Idea’s that come this way are usually frowned upon by better half. But what the heck, it might be worth the trouble.

(Thanks to Lurkingrythmically)

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