Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Remember these are my opinions, not backed by facts, just my opinion.

HEADLINE : Soros Says Facebook And Google Are A Menace To The World

Hey George, you’re a menace. And should be flushed right away. Money does not make you right. It just makes you rich.

HEADLINE : Classmates of 13 Starved Kids Wish They Had Said Something

Read my last story. The teacher spoke up. I took action. We were both criticized and threatened. She didn’t back down and neither did I. We both paid for it, but that was one day that child did not suffer. That’s one regret I don’t have. You don’t be a snitch when you stop someone’s suffering. “I was wrong” is easier to live with “I wish I had”.

Rush Limbaugh is 66 years old.

Crap, I’m older than Rush Limbaugh.

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