Whooo Haha (Cont)

So someone in Hawaii Civil Defense pushes the “wrong” button, headlines scream “panic” everywhere, and now some people are asking “Where was Trump, when did he know, and what was he doing?”

First, everyone grow up and look to the one that pushed the button. He did it, he caused it,and he needs to accept responsibility. Publicly.

There was no time, due to normal  bureaucracy, for the President to do anything except ask to his staff to check all the normal sources, to verify “WTF” , and hope it isn’t true.

The level of venom expressed at the wrong guy is astounding.

It’s amazing the huge number of people have  never considered this possible scenario, never discussed this with their family , or made any kind of emergency preparations.

WAKE UP! We live in the middle of the Pacific and there are emergencies all the time. Make prep’s now, not when it happens.


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