Whooo Haha

Well, now that the “not a drill” drill is over, and all the world is pointing fingers. I’ll address the elephant on the beach. What bothers me the most is all the headlines proclaiming “panic”.

Me, I had gone to bed at 4 am (night shift, honest) so the 8:06 am audio alert from both phones woke me up. To say the least.

I did what everyone should have done, I called home, told her I loved her and I would get to her. I instructed her to set the alarms, where the “how-to” book for all the systems and generator at home and waited.

Didn’t drive. Did’t start pushing other people out of the way. Kept a steady controlled mind.

Be an ADULT. Think before you do.

Maybe I should have labeled this one Soapbox?

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